Disposable biopsy forceps

1.0mm Specification Table:

ModelJaws DiameterChannel I.D.Working LengthCups ShapeCoatingNeedle
HL-FB-12SX-B11.0mm≥1.2mm700mmAligator CupsNoNo
HL-FB-12E-A1 1.0mm ≥1.2mm1200mm Oval Cups No No


1.8mm & 2.3mm Specification Table:

Model NumberDiameter(mm)Length(mm)Forceps channel(mm)Features
HL-FB-AOP-18-1051.81050≥2.0Bronchoscope, uncoated, without spike
HL-FB-COP-18-1051.81050≥2.0Bronchoscope, coated, without spike
HL-FB-AOP-18-1601.81600≥2.0Superfine gastroscope, uncoated, without spike
HL-FB-COP-18-1601.81600≥2.0Superfine gastroscope, coated, without spike
HL-FB-AOP-23-1602.31600≥2.8Gastroscope, uncoated, without spike
HL-FB-BOP-23-1602.31600≥2.8Gastroscope, non plastic, needle
HL-FB-COP-23-1602.31600≥2.8Gastroscope, plastic, without needle
HL-FB-DOP-23-1602.31600≥2.8Gastroscope, plastic, needle
HL-FB-AOP-23-1802.31800≥2.8Enteroscopy, non plastic, without needle
HL-FB-BOP-23-1802.31800≥2.8Enteroscopy, non plastic, needle
HL-FB-COP-23-1802.31800≥2.8Enteroscopy, plastic, without needle
HL-FB-DOP-23-1802.31800≥2.8Enteroscopy, plastic, needle
HL-FB-AOP-23-2302.32300≥2.8Enteroscopy, non plastic, without needle
HL-FB-BOP-23-2302.32300≥2.8Enteroscopy, non plastic, needle
HL-FB-COP-23-2302.32300≥2.8Enteroscopy, plastic, without needle
HL-FB-DOP-23-2302.32300≥2.8Enteroscopy, plastic, needle

1.8mm  2.3mm Disposable biopsy forceps,Flexible Biopsy Forceps

Intended use: 

Disposable Biopsy Forceps  are used in combination with endoscope to sample tissues from digestive tract and respiratory tract.

Biopsy Forceps is an indispensable medical device for collecting biopsies during minimally invasive GI and urologic endoscopy and other medical examination. 


Product characteristics:

1.Innovational 4-bar linkage design, offering an excellent rigidness,easy to sampling.

2.The cup head are made of stainless steel and welded by laser with highly reliable connection.

3. Standard cups design with proper sampling capacity, small tissue harm.

4. Smooth jaws, effectively decrease the friction to working channel.

5. odels are complete. Coated and Uncoated,with spike needle or without spike, with or without Graduation line.

6.Diamater: 1.0mm,1.8mm,2.3mm

Flexible Biopsy Forceps

1.0mm Disposable Endoscopic Hose-type Biopsy Forceps

Intended use:

This device is used endoscopically to obtain biopsy samples from digestive tract and respiratory tract.


  • The jaws are made from medical stainless steel, and the head is carefully polished so that less damage is made to endoscope channel;
  • Special processing of the cutting edge makes it sharp, consistent with each other, and sampling easily and reliably;
  • Laser welding ensures high connection strength between components;
  • Ultra smooth plastic coating of spring effectively reduces the damage to endoscope channel;
  • Optimal design of handle makes the open or stop limit very clear and feels comfortable;
  • Sterile package, disposable.