Disposable Hot Biopsy Forceps


1. 360 ° synchronous rotation design is more conducive to the alignment of lesions.

2. The outer surface is coated with an insulating layer, which can play an insulating role and avoid the abrasion of the endoscope clamp channel.

3. Special process design of clamp head can effectively stop bleeding and prevent excessive scab.

4. A variety of jaw options are conducive to tissue cutting or electrocoagulation.

5. The jaw has anti-skid function, which makes the operation convenient, fast and efficient.

ModelO.D.(mm)Length(mm)Endoscopic    Channel(mm)Jaw    Type
HL-HF-A-18-1600,1800,20001.81600,1800,2000≥2.0Oval cup
* HL-HF-A-23-1800,2000,23002.31800,2000,2300≥2.8
HL-HF-B-18-1600,1800,20001.81600,1800,2000≥2.0Alligator cup
HL-HF-C-18-1600,1800,20001.81600,1800,2000≥2.0Alligator cup*

                  Note: * Mark means the general selection specification.

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Intended use 

Compatible with high-frequency surgical equipment and endoscope, it is used for peeling of tiny polyps or redundant tissues in digestive tract as well as for blood coagulation.The device enters the human body through the endoscopic instrument channel or other instrument channels in endoscopic surgery. or used for routine cutting and coagulation of human tissues.


Easy and comfortable to use.

With smooth tube, easy to pass through the endoscope channel.

With puncture-proof insulation, high safety.