Disposable Endoscopic Injection Needle


Innovational design of metallic tip, efficiently avoid damage to catheter and working channel. 
Rigid and super-lubricant catheter, easier to pass through the working channel. 
Unique needle section design, with suitable sharpness and easier for puncture.  
Ergonomic handle design, easier to operate. 



ModelO.D. (mm)WorkingLength (mm)Needle size (diameter/ length)Endoscope Channel (mm)
HL-IN-18-120-2205-A1.8120022G, 5mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-1904-A1.8180019G, 4mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-1905-A1.8180019G, 5mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-1906-A1.8180019G, 6mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2204-A1.8180022G, 4mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2205-A1.8180022G, 5mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2206-A1.8180022G, 6mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2304-A1.8180023G, 4mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2305-A1.8180023G, 5mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2306-A1.8180023G, 6mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2504-A1.8180025G, 4mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2505-A1.8180025G, 5mm≥2.0
HL-IN-18-180-2506-A1.8180025G, 6mm≥2.0
HL-IN-23-180-1904-A2.3230019G, 4mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-1905-A2.3230019G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-1906-A2.3230019G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2204-A2.3230022G, 4mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2205-A2.3230022G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2206-A2.3230022G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2304-A2.3230023G, 4mm≥2.8
LH-IN-23-180-2305-A2.3230023G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2306-A2.3230023G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2504-A2.3230025G, 4mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2505-A2.3230025G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-180-2506-A2.3230025G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-1904-A2.3230019G, 4mm≥2.8
LH-IN-23-230-1905-A2.3230019G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-1906-A2.3230019G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2204-A2.3230022G, 4mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2205-A2.3230022G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2206-A2.3230022G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2304-A2.3230023G, 4mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2305-A2.3230023G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2306-A2.3230023G, 6mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2504-A2.3230025G, 4mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2505-A2.3230025G, 5mm≥2.8
HL-IN-23-230-2506-A2.3230025G, 6mm≥2.8

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Injection needle is intended for submucosal injection in digestive tract combined with endoscope.

Indications for endoscopy to introduce a sclerosing agent or vasoconstrictor into selected sites to control actual or potential bleeding lesions in the digestive system; and the injection of saline to aid in Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR), polypectomy procedures and to control non-variceal hemorrhage.

1. Concealed needle design, effectively avoiding damages to the working channel.

2. Transparent needle tube, excellent control of drugs and fluids.

3. Excellent lubrication performance of outer tube, smoothly passing through the channel.

4. Proper sharpness of needle tips, easier for puncture.

5. Classic handle design, the injection points are clear.

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